Sometimes we lose teeth, either from an accident or from dental problems such as tooth decay, abscesses or gum disease. If you have a missing tooth, your other teeth can be left unsupported and can shift position, leaving you with a bad bite and at risk from gum disease.

At Llanishen Dental we understand that missing teeth can affect your confidence in your appearance, impacting on the way you eat and even the way you speak. To minimise the risk of further oral problems and to restore your confidence, a dental bridge could be a perfect solution.

A dental bridge is a false tooth anchored between two existing teeth. Made from a precious metal such as gold for the base, the artificial tooth is then covered with porcelain to match the natural colour. The two teeth on either side of the missing tooth are crowned and then bonded together with the artificial tooth in the middle, creating a neat row and a natural appearance.

Your dentist may also suggest a dental bridge as a replacement for dentures, creating a permanent solution to missing teeth. Bridges can last a lifetime with the right oral care and attention and your dentist will guide you in maintaining your bridge and therefore a great smile for years to come.

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